You always knew it, but Scott Kenemore proves it. For example:

Both style themselves the victims of a liberal media bias–whether it’s Keith Olberman characterizing demonstrably false statements made by Sarah Palin as “lies,” or a live-remote news reporter calling an approaching group of zombies a “murderous threat to humanity” and a “danger to all that is good and decent.” It’s like, woah, you’re being super-biased there, Mr. Reporter. Whatever happened to reporters being objective? Weren’t you supposed to learn that stuff in journalism school?

He has 3 more reasons at his blog. Which leads me to another one of those "help me figure this out, Pandagonian" moments. Why are zombie jokes so fucking funny? Seriously. I went to see a joke band called Comanche Abortion a few months ago, and they have a song called "Zombie Forecast", which is built around the line, "Party cloudy with a chance of BRAAAAAAIIIIINS". I thought about that many times in the weeks after and laughed. I'm laughing now. I'm childish, true, but c'mon, isn't that funny?