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Original song: "Talk Talk Talk Talk"---Love Is All

I couldn't find a good video of this song, but here is another video by the band. They're pretty awesome:

[youtube expand=1]

I'm pretty happy with this mix. It's a keeper---mostly 21st century versions of the sliver of post-punk from the 80s that I've seen called "death disco", a form of music that was wisely brought back. If only 80s fashions would stay dead.

1) "Heaven"---Health

2) "Sing Songs Along"---Tilly and the Wall

3) "OK"---Shitdisco

4) "Words You Used To Say"---Dean & Britta

5) "Twelve"---Forward, Russia!

6) "The Companion"---The Mary Onettes

7) "Meeting Paris Hilton"---Cansei De Ser Sexy

8) "To The East"---Electralane

9) "While We Go Dancing"---The White Rabbits

10) "Mind Your Own Business"---The Delta 5

Of course, the Delta 5 are from the first go-round of this sound, but it's amazing how faithful new artists are to it. Homemade video to that song:

[youtube expand=1]


[youtube expand=1]

Tilly and the Wall:

[youtube expand=1]