imageFor shame, liberal comedian pornographer. For shame.

You'd think Democrats would be content with last week's electoral rout. But judging from the odd doings in Minnesota, some in their party wouldn't mind adding to their jackpot by stealing a Senate seat for left-wing joker Al Franken.

We'd actually be content with stealing a Senate seat for virtually anyone, but Franken was the only one who showed up the audition.

If you haven't been keeping up with the Minnesota recount, Republicans are crying foul reason necessary, really, but in this case, because a few corrected counts came in that helped Franken. Keep in mind that in the razor-thin race, Franken still isn't leading, meaning that the entirety of Democratic "vote tampering" (or whatever phrase they come up with for correct vote counts) is still resulting in a loss. Democracy is at stake here, people, and Minnesota owes Norm Coleman a recount that results in his still winning.

Minnesota has a voter intent law, which means that election officials can take a second look at ambiguous ballots. Mr. Franken's people are already arguing that a vote for Mr. Obama certainly indicated a vote for Mr. Franken. This can't possibly be true, however, because nearly every campaign poll showed Mr. Franken lagging Mr. Obama by five to 15 percentage points -- and on Election Day he trailed by 12.2%. Mr. Franken ran a nasty, polarizing campaign, and in any case he was part of a three-man contest.

To summarize: Al Franken's lawyers should not make arguments because Mr. Franken is a horrible person. This actually makes the administration of our criminal justice system much easier, too. Thanks, WSJ!

With their party only three Senate seats from the 60 needed to break a filibuster (and two still not decided), Democrats have a political incentive to cut corners to steal a seat if they can get away with it. Mr. Franken and his left-wing allies also know that if Mr. Franken couldn't win election in this fabulous Democratic year, then the not-so-funnyman never will. If Minnesota wants to retain its reputation as a state with clean elections, it needs to run an honest recount.

And it seems as if the only way to truly guarantee an honest count is to ensure that Norm Coleman keeps his lead, as Jesus and the voters on behalf of Jesus intend. Hot Air actually asks a good terrible question in relation to Mark Begich pulling ahead in Alaska:

Isn’t it odd how late vote counts inexorably favor Democrats?

Better question: isn't it odd how fewer votes being counted inexorably favors Republicans? Weird, huh?