Just to show how out of it I can be, I just found out that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married. Yes, Nick Cannon the Singing Fetus. More disturbing is the information they're sharing with the world.

The singer has confessed that she kept the rap star waiting until they were married before, well, you know…they got down to the intimate side of their relationship.

Since it was only two months from meeting to marrying, it wasn't that big a test. But I do find it interesting that the Singing Fetus is assumed to have been the one forced to wait. Because women are the gatekeepers, you know.

It's fascinating to me that women are the enforcers of a rule written by the dudes of Dude Nation, either the religious ones who wag their finger at you or the secular assholes who deem you a slut if you "give it up" too easily. Very clever trick, that one. One would think that people who write rules to control others would take the responsibility for enforcement themselves.