imageBarack Obama is not actually president yet.

Let's see what the MSM's reaction is to the Obama vacation, but I bet it's slightly different than coverage of President Bush from 2005 and Katrina.

You see, in 2005, George W. Bush was President of the United States. In 2008, Barack Obama is merely President-Elect of the United States.

In 2005, a discrete, predicted event struck a particular geographic area on George W. Bush's watch. In 2008, a widespread, developing economic event which has been going on for months and will likely take months more to get figured out is happening on George W. Bush's watch.

In 2005, George W. Bush's was on vacation, Katrina struck, and he continued his vacation. In 2008, Barack Obama will be going on vacation, with no indication that he'll continue the vacation if, say, the wrath of Heaven wipes GM off the face of the planet.

Other than that, though, totally the same thing - Obama's strategery is not to be misunderestimated. It's rather disturbing the degree to which, despite having no Constitutional power to effect any change through the office of the President, Obama's being expected to act as if he is the President - particularly given how we spent what felt like a year listening to how presumptuous Obama was about everything from orange juice to seals to, well, running for president. It's just not easy being black...and inheriting a giant clusterfuck of a mess from your predecessor.