I hope every man in this story walks into his house one day to find his wife having sex with two hard-bodied hotties at once while her lawyer serves him divorce papers. Toss in a couple of cute women who laugh and say, "God, you really settled for that one? Let's get you a real man."

Seriously, boo-hoo! Domestic life is emasculating, because it's so stifling and boring and it's work and babies cry. These men are a classic example of what I'm constantly talking about in regards to the idea of "objectification". They've objectified their wives. They define these problems as "emasculating", because women, being objects and not people in their minds, never get horny, bored, or wish they didn't have to comfort the baby. So they go out and have sex with hookers, who are just more women who they never stop to consider are human beings.

Also, I hope people use their pictures for Fark jokes when they go on Match.com to find Wife #2 after Wife #1 leaves.

Hat tip to reader Tiffany for the link.