Skepchick has a podcast up this week about the War on Christmas and what we're doing to fight it. I contributed a 45 second audio clip for it.

How are you doing your part to fight the War on Christmas? Some suggestions:

*Defile the day with some sexytime.

*Screw ham or turkey and eat some pizza.

*God bless Barack Obama and his mythical global jihadist conspiracy over dinner.

*Put a disco ball on top of your tree. Or Buddy Christ.

*Start a blog thread specifically to make fun of terrible Christmas music.

*Buy your friends one of those shiny pro-atheist books and wrap it in the most Jesus-y paper possible.

*Spell the word "Evolve" on your roof in Christmas lights.

*Build a mock nativity scene populated with gay icons, famous feminists, civil rights leaders, or peace activists---anyone whose very existence causes the veins in Bill O'Reilly's head to throb. Or hell, just fill it with atheists, and leave the crib empty.

Leave your ideas in comments!