To keep up with the theme of the day: Rick Warren is not involved with the final in any way.

What I don't get about Obama's insistence that we must overcome division by legitimizing those who divide us is that there are thousands upon thousands of religious figures who don't divide the way that Rick Warren does. It's the wholehearted embrace of the old right-wing complaint that calling out intolerance is the actual intolerant act in motion - Warren's presence advances no dialogue and brings nobody together, it merely makes Obama look weaker in the face of someone who believes - legitimately believes - that Obama is, at best, a fascist in possession of the most powerful seat in the world.

Imagine you were at the pinnacle of your life, the proudest moment you could ever hope to achieve. Would you invite Jonah Goldberg to open at your graduation? No, because you don't hate yourself or the people who've spent their time supporting you and don't deserve to spend happy times choked by his perpetual Pigpen-like cloud of cheese-flavored dust. This is a sad and awful move which shows respect to a group of people who don't want it and don't deserve it.

Anyway, my final exam of the semester is tomorrow (Constitutional Law, for anyone who was wondering). After this weekend, I should be back to posting more regularly. And interestingly. And with a focus that can stay on a blog post for longer than ten minutes before it goes back to reading, or baking, or random episodes of Cash Cab. See you then!