imageOverly presumptuous negro faux-president Barack Hussein Obama just went off his rocker (or is that rapper?), politely asking that the First Family of Funk be allowed to take up temporary residence in the Blair House, the guest house of the President. Abe Greenwald:

We just endured an election in which every gesture was aggravated into a scandal and, going forward, we’re best off not reading too much into each iota of non-policy news. But this strikes me as remarkably obnoxious on Obama’s part. The Left-wing media has actually been throwing around the idea of an early start to Obama’s presidency for a few weeks now. But as bad as it is to hear Chris Matthews suggest Obama preempt George W. Bush, it’s easily dismissed as the ravings of an unseriousness sycophant. That the President-elect himself couldn’t quite bear to respect the process of the transition is bizarre.

Obama aides claim that the request to move in “earlier than usual” was made so that the Obama girls could begin class with their new classmates on January 5. But there’s nothing so unusual about the children of presidents having to switch schools and adjust. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both had school-aged daughters when they were sworn in.

From every report, President Bush has been extremely accommodating in helping Obama transition, and that’s as it should be. But it’s nice to know that at least someone doesn’t believe that Barack Obama is the one for whom rules do not apply.

Wizbang believes that the Blackazoid Army is going to start some sort of race riot over this, and that the only reason Obama is even asking for the space in the Blair House is because he wants to give Michelle a couple weeks' practice turning it into a miniature version of the Black House.

Now, first, the Blair House is a guest house. For guests. But why is Barack Obama bothering the President of the Economy and Wars with his children's schooling, like some mere constituent? Because incoming presidents typically get to stay there five days before Inauguration anyway. (The house, incidentally, is reserved for parties for outgoing Bush Administration officials.)

The Obamas were told that Blair House, where incoming presidents usually stay in the five days before Inauguration Day, is booked in early January, a spokesperson to the Obama transition said. “We explored the idea so that the girls could start school on schedule,’ the spokesperson said. “But, there were previously scheduled events and guests that couldn’t be displaced.”

So, we can take this one of two ways: either every President is a presumptuous race-baiting rabble-rouser who demands such accommodation out of a sense of radical ethnic entitlement (I'm looking at you, Coolidge), or Barack Obama is asking for a slight extension of a traditional courtesy in order to make things easier on his young children.

Oh, well, I can't wait for this to be the opening anecdote in every conservative hit piece on Obama's first term in two years: "Just two weeks before Christmas, the Messiah demanded his own version of the modest inn in Bethlehem: a palatial space at the exclusive Blair Inn for the princesses of the Obama Administration, Sasha and Malia. Rebuffed by an administration that still had the busy work of running the country ahead of it, Obama took to the liberal media in yet another one of his petty grievance-airing dramas." You know, maybe I could just continue this, publish it early, and use the resulting Regnery money to pay off my law school loans...something to think about, at least. And by "think about", I mean "I'm already contacting the publisher".