imageShorter Abe Greenwald: tiny Muslim brains cannot understand the big words of Barack Obama, and, in fact, any effort to engage the wider world of Islam in a respectful and direct manner would be a symbol that we think they're all murderous savages out to kill us. Therefore, it's much smarter to bomb their asses into last Eid, because nobody listens to speeches in a post-11/4 world.

At least he's starting to admit that the entire "Muslims are a savage and terrible people" is itself a recursive loop of stupid. You see, Muslims are so incredibly and indelibly angry about everything that trying to calm them down only makes them angrier, so the only way to make them less angry is to do the very things which make them such crazed murderers. It's brilliant like peanut butter and...and...falafel! Yeah! Muslim falafel! They get that!

Of course, the problem with such inchoate stupidity is that someone's going to come along and be completely stupid in a contradictory way. Atlas Shrugs:

This will be the first of many speeches President B. Hussein will make in these, his spiritual capitals where he wishes to express "solidarity". America has no clue who she voted for. Gird your loins folks. America will be unrecognizable after Hussein's first and last term (if we live through it).

So, you see, speaking to Muslims will both anger them because their only emotions are rage and submission and words cannot pierce that veil and appease and satisfy them because they totally want that veil pierced by Obama's secret Turban of Piercing.

It's going to be a long eight years.