Joe the Plumber, in addition to being quite possibly one of the most desperate attention whores on the planet, is also an ungrateful desperate attention whore, a fact that is shaking our nation to its very core.

Wurzelbacher told conservative radio host Glenn Beck that he felt “dirty” after “being on the campaign trail and seeing some of the things that take place.”

Recalling a conversation he had with McCain about the $700 billion financial industry bailout in September, Wurzelbacher said: “When I was on the bus with him, I asked him a lot of questions about the bailout because most Americans did not want that to happen.”

“I asked him some pretty direct questions,” he continued. “Some of the answers you guys are gonna receive — they appalled me, absolutely. I was angry. In fact, I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him.”

Unfortunately, he couldn't, because they had the satphone access he needed for his interview with the Osaka Shimbun. Even patriots have to make sacrifices.

Asked why he didn’t leave McCain’s campaign if he was “appalled” by the candidate, Wurzelbacher said, “honestly, because the thought of Barack Obama as president scares me even more.”

When Glenn Beck calls you on your shit, you're officially in the middle of the shittiest shit that's ever been shitted.