So, Barack Obama goes on vacation, cuts off all press access while he and his family are at the beach, has a picture taken of him with his shirt off at a beach and, according to Ann Althouse, is beginning a manly cult of personality by forcing his pecs into the national dialogue.

I'm sure that she's spent any time at all the past several years talking about the particular psychosexual tropes of the conservative movement she loves so much. Right? I mean, the current Republican President picks up stick in the middle of hundred-degree summers just to prove how much of a man he is. That's some rich shit! We'll find plenty of such analysis somewhere, surely...right?

And as is par for the course, the first comment of her thread wins it:

nowhey said...

He looks effeminate, but he is kind of swishy, anyway, so that's not a real surprise.

For a smoker, he really has too much body fat - he needs to cut down on fried pig intestines.

Poster fodder for the guys here who masturbate dreaming of O - yes, Michael, I am writing about you.

If a picture of a black dude walking makes this guy think "gay" and "chitlins", I'm pretty sure a picture of a 5K in Harlem would have him dead of a massive cholesterol-filled erection.