imageAfter a while, it had to have become obvious to everyone in Illinois that talking to Rod Blagojevich about anything involving his office was like talking to a pedophile about the location of the nearest Toys R Us. It's why this idea that Jesse Jackson, Jr. was participating in some sort of bribery scandal didn't really seem to pass muster: in Illinois, the two people least likely to get away with anything would be the son of Jesse Jackson talking to the world champion target of federal investigations.

The news that Jackson, Jr. was working with federal investigators regarding Blago comes as little surprise, then (except to sundry wingnuts). What's most amazing about this entire thing is that it now appears as if Blago was not only talking to anyone he could find about potential bribes, but virtually everyone was wired in response - he's the kind of guy who brings a case of beer to an AA meetup and thinks everyone's staring at him because he reeks of awesomeness, rather than, say, stale hops.

Of course, the headache isn't over for the Obama administration. They appear to be fully complying with the federal investigation that has in no way implicated them which is, of course, bad news:

They are using the prosecutor as a "fig leaf" to avoid answering questions just now, [Robert] Luskin (as in Karl Rove's lawyer Robert Luskin) said. They could just as easily have decided that assuring the public about their actions is more important than acceding to the prosecutor's request.

Perhaps the single greatest change from the Bush administration to the Obama administration will be that the latter will no longer act with the balls-out disregard for anything resembling the law when it's politically convenient to ignore it. I kind of miss the days when Presidents didn't just openly dismantle federal investigations to get better press coverage. It was a symbol of a more innocent time, when we listened to things called "compacted discs" and proto-hipsters actually considered wearing flannel. Magical.