If you haven't been following the You Will Know The Truth site, well, it's pretty maddening. There's only one clue I think has any meaning for me. And that's the one where I think we hear an audio of Starbuck discovering her own dead body.

But I'm not convinced she's a Cylon. After all, the Viper she came back in is brand new. Cylons resurrect, but Vipers don't. Her ovary was taken in one of the weirder, more harrowing episodes. That can't just be left without being addressed for real. I'll bet a Kara clone has been made after the first Kara died. It would be weak if she's the final Cylon, though I suppose we deserve it, with the obvious being dumped in our laps and ignored.

So, folks, speculate away. Final Cylon? Any Earth people left? What happened to Earth? Will Cylons and humans learn to lay down arms?