So, I'm watching the Cardinals/Eagles game, and given my years spent in Philadelphia, it's obvious who I'm rooting for. But, for some reason, I also have it in my head that an Eagles Super Bowl will be more exciting than a Cardinals Super Bowl, despite the fact that the Eagles have a receiving corps made up of hobos and tall guys from my high school, and the Cardinals have one of the most prolific offenses in football.

I don't know how much of it is just built in apathy to the Cardinals, who are one of those franchises that just seem genetically inclined to garner no interest. (For other examples, see the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Lions, any post-Magic NBA expansion team, and any hockey team south of the Mason-Dixon Line.) There's just a sense that they don't belong as a top-caliber team and never will, and some franchises just have that unshakeable feeling. Part of it is history and consistency - we're willing to believe that the Celtics or Yankees or Bears are legitimate contenders after years of futility, because they've succeeded in the past. Part of it is also how a team becomes a contender - we're willing to believe that a team that's been rising and rising and finally reaches its goal is a more worthy contender than a team that just makes an improbable run at a championship, even if the latter is the plot of every team sports movie since the 1970s.

Anyway, here's Kurt Warner drawing what God looks like:

[youtube expand=1]

I, for one, appreciate the shield-amoeba thing behind Jesus/God's head.