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Right now, my internet access is patchy, because our cable modem broke. I'm relying on the generosity of our lovely neighbors right now for internet access, and probably on some nearby coffeehouses as well. It should be fixed by tonight, but if I'm harder to get a hold of lately, don't take it personally.

A recent episode of Sound Opinions was all songs about Presidents, and they played a song that's definitely on my desert island list---"My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down", aka "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg". It's a mid-80s Ramones song, and that's not considered by most people to be their best era, but this is nonetheless one of the best songs. Joey Ramone wrote it after Ronald Reagan visited Bitburg and put a wreath on the grave that had some S.S. officers buried in it. This tone deafness to basic human rights issues was SOP for Reagan, and it inspired this great protest song.

[youtube expand=1]

In honor of Bonzo, part II flying out over a crowd of people throwing him the finger, this is the original song of my Genius shuffle.

"My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down"---The Ramones

1) "TV Eye"---The Stooges

2) "Baby Baby"---The Vibrators

3) "No Values"---Black Flag

4) "What We Do Is Secret"---The Germs

5) "Joker In The Pack"---The Adicts

6) "Born To Lose"---Johnny Thunders

7) "I Kill Children"---The Dead Kennedys

8) "I Wanted Everything"---The Ramones

9) "Modern World"---The Modern Lovers

10) "Tattoo"---The Who

Videos below the fold! "I Kill Children" by The Dead Kennedys:

[youtube expand=1]

"What We Do Is Secret" by The Germs:

[youtube expand=1]