Sorry I've been kaput for a few days. We had friends who rented a lake house over the holiday, and we were staying with them and there wasn't time to do much blogging. But I'm back! Just in time for the Genius ten/random ten. Leave yours in comments.

Original song for Genius: "Take Me Home" by the Groove Armada

Here is another song by Groove Armada:

[youtube expand=1]

1) "Set You Free"---N-Trance

2) "North American Scum"---LCD Soundsystem

3) "Move Your Feet"---Junior Senior

4) "Train"---Goldfrapp

5) "Earth Intruders"---Bjork

6) "I Get Around"---Dragonette

7) "One Pure Thought"---Hot Chip

8) "Future"---Cut Copy

9) "Divine"---Sebastien Tellier

10) "Diferente"---Gotan Project

More videos below the fold. Bjork:

[youtube expand=1]

Gotan Project:

[youtube expand=1]

Cut Copy:

[youtube expand=1]

Hot Chip:

[youtube expand=1]