imageJohn J. Miller wants to know the best conservative movies of the past 25 years.

My list would include such classics as:

Mannequin, which taught us all the value of sublimating your filthy sexual urges into a potentially schizophrenic love affair with a shaped lump of plastic that you think is talking to you.

Short Circuit, wherein we learned that the best person to play an Indian doctor is a white guy from Chicago. Also, massive defense spending results in quirky, lovable robot friends for all of us.

Jack the Bear, a fantastic look at how fascism, a liberal ideology, threatens children, and also the importance of fatherhood. That it was outdone by Indecent Proposal, released the same week, shows the terrible priorities of liberal Hollywood.

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, because I hated those Chinese alien motherfuckers something fierce.

First Daughter, because unlike Chasing Liberty, the daughter fell in love with a red-blooded American rather than some sissy-pantsed Euro. Plus, it was directed by a black guy, which shows conservative dedication to racial diversity.

What are yours?