John Cole has a great post on the rather obscene levels of Palin revisionism that are going on - in this case, the idea that Palin's reputation as a reactionary idiot comes from highfalutin conservative intellectuals who just can't accept the fact that the Greatest Woman In The World doesn't talk like them, act like them, or complete sentences with the same thought she began them with. Elitists.

With the bind that conservatism finds itself in, one wonders: are we going to see even more revisionism from the right in an effort to - yes, yes we will. Don't even worry about what comes at the end of that sentence, the answer is yes.

Fred Barnes decides to name off the top ten achievements of George W. Bush, which can actually be boiled down to four:

- He was conservative.

- He massively increased government spending in ways that few ended up liking.

- He kept fighting a way that nobody ended up liking.

- He vastly increased the power of the executive to intrude into the lives and fortunes of anyone he deems fit for purposes that he wishes to remain classified.

This, apparently, was exactly what the American people wanted - or will want, thirty years from now when they come to their senses and stop listening to their stupid "experiences" and "thoughts". I can't wait until this time next year, when the era of Bush the Second was the greatest experience any of us have ever had, like Reagan but better, mainly because we had iPods. Bush will also be responsible for the recovery from the recession, our withdrawal from Iraq, and Ford's revolutionary rocket-powered jet car of 2013. Foresight, people, it was all foresight.