Pajamas Media was set up as an online enterprise that would change journalism forever and ever, amen.

I believe that goal has finally been accomplished:

Joe The Plumber is putting down his wrenches and picking up a reporter's notebook.

The Ohio man who became a household name during the presidential campaign says he is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for the conservative Web site

As a reminder of Joe the Plumber's nuanced and considered views, you can either hit yourself in the face with a meat tenderizer or let your mind drift all the way back to this:

When the McCain supporter asked him if he believed "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel," Mr. Wurzelbacher replied, "I'll go ahead and agree with you on that." He didn't elaborate on how Mr. Obama, who has said his commitment to Israeli security is "nonnegotiable," would be bad for the Jewish state.

I look forward to literal hours of embarrassing dispatches before Pajamas Media runs away from this like they set it on fire. I can just imagine the first interview:

Pajamas Media Special Correspondent Joe Wurzelbacher: So, is that a gun?

IDF Soldier: Yes, it is.

JW: Can I use it?

IDF: No.

JW: Please? I'll only aim at Palestinians.

IDF: You should go now.

JW: Can I join you on your next mission? I brought my own grenades.

IDF: You're walking the middle of Israel...with your own grenades?

JW: Yeah! I used to be a plumber, see. Well, not really, I worked for a plumbing company, but I learned how to work with pipes and stuff, and so, you know...I just want to fight for the cause, really get in there and get my hands dirty...

IDF: You...have grenades. In the middle of this busy street. In front of me.

JW: ...I mean, I wanted to own the company, but that kind of got shot to shit when I started talking about how the dude running for President would kill Israel, and well, gosh, I just really love you guys, I'm totally babbling!

IDF: Do you want to meet more of my squadmates? They'd love to talk to you.

JW: I could hug you!

IDF: And I could shoot you, so I would advise you not to do that.