This is it---the final bleg. Vote for us in the meaningless contest! The Weblog Awards are outdated and irrelevant, as they are still dominated by a bunch of wingnuts who are reliving the glory days when political blogs were conservative. Nowadays, most people I meet who haven't been in the thick of it for years think of political blogging as the netroots, and the netroots are liberal. Many of you believe therefore that the the Weblog Awards are just so much pissing in the wind. Look at how a nitwit with pretensions of philosophical grandeur who calls herself the Anchoress is beating Lindsay Beyerstein. Look at how a global warming denialist is winning in the Best Science category, which by itself proves that the Weblog Awards are completely corrupt, because global warming denialism isn't even science. You people who bring up these objections are correct. It's the last gasp of the dying warblogger empire.

But this doesn't mean you shouldn't invest the 10 seconds it takes to vote for Pandagon. Why? Because if we can kick their asses in a rigged game, then that is rubbing salt into the wingnut wound. (Also, please vote for Pharyngula in Best Science, even if you don't like PZ's brand of atheism. It's the only science blog that has a chance in a game stuffed full of global warming denialists, and it would be a shame if a non-science blog won in the science category.) Because it's not enough to beat faux redneck, misogynist fetus-worshippers like Patterico. It's much more satisfying to open a giant can of whup ass on them, to have the major liberal bloggers utterly fucking destroy in votes. Because the image of the big, fancy lawyer falling asleep weeping gently into the neck of his fetus doll alone makes it worth it. So vote for Pandagon! Remember, you can still vote if you voted before---once every 24 hours. (Which is actually how they rig it for wingnuts, knowing liberals generally have better things to do. But we don't!)