No, not really, but since I was optimistic that the economic stimulus bill would be passed last week, and it wasn't, I thought a little negativity was in order for this week's Genius Ten. If you don't know how to play, you pick a song from your iTunes collection, hit the Genius button and record the next ten songs it pulls up. If you don't have iTunes or the Genius function, we still hope you'll play along by putting a random ten in comments.

Today's original song: "You Mean Nothing To Me" by Jay Reatard

Alas, this brilliant little ditty is not available in video form anywhere, but here another good Jay Reatard song:

1) "Champagne Girls I Have Known"---Johnny Foreigner

2) "Super Intuit"---Holy Fuck

3) "Yawn, Yawn, Yawn"---Les Savy Fav

4) "That's When I Reach For My Revolver"---Mission of Burma

5) "Golden Age"---TV On The Radio

6) "Rat Is Dead"---Cansei De Ser Sexy

7) "Bang On"---The Breeders

8) "These Fangs"---Say Hi To Your Mom (you can't embed it, so here's a link)

9) "The First Vietnamese War"---The Black Angels

10) "Let's Talk About It"---White Denim

For laughs, here's Shakespeare's "25 Random Things About Me". Videos below the fold. Holy Fuck, "Super Intuit"

The Breeders, "Bang On"

White Denim, "Let's Talk About It"

Ha! I used to get my car washed at the car wash in this video.