Alas, I didn't have a chance to watch "Battlestar Galactica" last night, so I got nothing for you today. I've failed in my blogging duties, but I do have some other pop culture commentary to offer you.

I'm beginning to think "He's Just Not That Into You" is going to obsess me and anger me as much as the book it was based on did, for the same reason the book did---it's just appealing enough that it makes the reactionary nature of it even worse, because it's harder to ignore. For instance, this video that I found on Bitch Blog is both appealing and maddening.

These actors are hilarious, and frankly the video is hilarious, too, because it dismantles chick flick cliches that make me want to run out and strangle birds with my bare hands in rage. I laughed out loud watching it, and then I felt angry about that, because the premise of the video is that I, due to the unfortunate act of nature that granted me a vagina, cannot either find this video funny nor find these cliches anything but compelling. Also, my vagina gives me a tin ear to the desires of the more intelligent, humorous sex who doesn't want to waste their time with stupid movies that my vagina makes me want to watch. Being a mere dumb female, I can't understand what it means when my boyfriend crosses his eyes and sighs loudly in a performance that differs not one whit from that of a patient but bemused parent taking their kid to see the latest piece of crap children's film. Being one of those new-fangled women who went to college instead of getting married at 20 so I could start pushing out babies for some evangelical Christian car salesman, I am, of course, not only a giant sap for romantic comedies that feed me a ridiculous fantasy that someone could ever love me despite my ambition and neuroses (which, being a single, educated woman, I have by the dozens), but I'm also a narcissist who can't think of other options for viewing romantic comedies other than demanding my boyfriend suffer. I could never wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it by myself, or grab another neurotic, over-educated narcissist who can't cook but thinks she deserves love and go see it with her. I'll happy use the promise of sex to get favors from men who claim to think that I'm the most awesome thing ever, though they don't know much about me besides how I wear my hair and that I, like all women, would shoot my own cat for a marriage proposal.

Also, having a vagina and having a sharp sense of humor are mutually exclusive. Which is the assumption this video is built on. It's argument is, "'He's Just Not That Into You' is a romantic comedy for men, because, unlike other romantic comedies, it's funny and intelligent, like men are. As opposed to women, who'll swallow any crap Hollywood feeds them."

Though I suppose a lot of women are going to choose not to be insulted by this video, thinking that if they think it's funny, that makes them smart and funny. You know, just like a man and not at all like other women who suck so much. Those women are what we in the feminist industry like to call suckers.