So, a month and a half ago, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and other Democratic leaders stood staunchly opposed to Roland Burris' seating. The Chicago Tribune then said there was no good reason not to seat Burris, smirking at Democrats' impotent rage and declaring that Burris would be a fine, competent Senator.

Now that Burris is pretty much confirmed as the asshole we all thought he was, the selfsame Chicago Tribune is asking why Democrats are silent on the issue, and why they have no moral compass to oppose the most terrible man who's ever held any office...ever.

I'm not the biggest fan of Harry Reid, but the guy steadfastly opposed Burris taking the seat, as did Obama. It'll be interesting to see how the media handles this, by which I mean it'll be interesting to see how long it is until we get a special segment on how Harry Reid let the fox walk into the henhouse and even pointed the way to the tastiest hens.