Correction: Roslin has not been elected through a popular vote. However, this doesn't make her automatically an undemocratic leader, as she serves at the behest of the quorum that she has so little patience for. The public reaction to her broadcasts also indicates that she is currently a beloved leader and could easily win re-election.

As a fellow liberal, I stood by you all during the post-nuclear holocaust political controversies. I believe that the right to choose should not be rescinded, no matter how badly we need new people. I agree that we need a democratically elected government, even under a dire situation like ours. I supported the labor revolt and have often protested the Roslin administration for being out of touch with the everyday lives of the people, even though it shouldn't be hard to be in touch with us since there's less than 40,000 of us. I, too, dislike Admiral Adama's willingness to override the public will time and time again.

But I must break ranks and say that Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek were not brave rebels, but traitors who, if they were not apprehended and executed, would have gotten us all killed. Just because the public will is behind Zarek's resistance to a Cylon alliance doesn't mean that a military coup is automatically democratic, or that the public is right. We as a people have embraced a deliberative democracy, and we shouldn't toss out the "deliberative" for the "democracy". It's true that President Roslin should have spent more time explaining to us why she and Adama are willing to embrace this alliance with the Cylons, but rage and grief alone doesn't justify throwing out the rule of law completely.

And just because Gaeta and Zarek targeted Adama first doesn't mean that this is some great strike against martial law. In truth, it was an old-fashioned military coup, which is the preferred power grab method of right wingers, as I'm sure you all know. Let's not let our antagonism against Adama's continual overreaching blind us to this simple fact. Zarek and Gaeta commandeered our military to oust an elected and popular President, and Adama was targeted mainly for his loyalty (for once) to a democratically elected leader. If you have any doubts about this, the fact that Zarek had the quorum executed should seal the deal for you. And despite Zarek and Gaeta's populist posturing about democracy, they were fundamentally demagogues exploiting racist sentiment against Cylons. As good liberals, we should resist racism even when it's the popular sentiment.

I agree that an alliance with the Cylons is hard to swallow, as they did try to kill us all. But the recent discovery that Earth was also wiped out in a nuclear holocaust should impress upon the fleet the value of laying down arms and really considering pacifism. That the entire planet of Earth was populated solely by Cylons should impress upon us this fact---our struggle is not unique, but everyone, regardless of machine or human status, is subject to the same result if they indulge the cycle of violence, which is total annihilation. It's true that putting our trust in the Cylons means flirting with the end of humanity, but not putting our trust in the Cylons means embracing our end. Given the choice between a 50% chance of utter destruction and a 100% chance of utter destruction, I'll take the former, thank you very much.

And while there's plenty of good reasons not to trust the Cylons, upon careful consideration, I think there are also good reasons to trust them. They have, after all, just learned that their entire race was formerly wiped out by a nuclear holocaust, so they now have a better understanding of what it feels like to be subject to genocide. They have, as a measure of good faith, embraced mortality, having allowed our forces to destroy their resurrection ship, and with it, the possibility of resurrection when they die. Now their entire existence depends on the messy process of sexual reproduction, just like ours. Which means that they depend on our doctors and protection of their bodies just as much as we will depend on their jump drives. In many ways, they've become just like us, except for the clone thing.

If we as a race deserve to survive, we will earn it by renouncing racism, renouncing the cycle of violence, and embracing peace.

So Say We All,

Other Concerned Colonial Citizen