What I find fascinating about the wingnuts stoking fears about a one world currency is how it's a classic example of how the rich and powerful that conservatism exists for are exploiting the paranoid but often powerless. Having read Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine, I'm aware of how currency trading is used a) as another fancy way for rich people to make more money and b) to punish errant countries for perceived slights against capitalism and white supremacy. I'm sure there's many reasons to oppose it, some good and some bad, but it's incredibly relevant that the currency market is used by the powerful to control the not-powerful.

But that motivation has nothing to do with why Glenn Beck and Matt Drudge are stirring up fears of a single global currency. No, they're reaching out to the right wing nuts who believe that a leftist international conspiracy run by Jews/Satan himself/all of the above are trying to control the world through the United Nations, and the only thing standing between the international conspiracy/the Antichrist is a few half-literate Americans with enormous stashes of guns. There is a deep irony to this situation, because the paranoids that style themselves as the only people who oppose a one world government put their political support behind conservative pundits and politicians who are rabid about dismantling the nation-state system and replacing it with a corporate order that would be, in essence, a one world government. But of course, the paranoids will never see it. After all, the private army Blackwater is all about guns and the evils of abortion, and so they're the Good Guys, right?