Oh Jesus, now he's using his perch at the NY Times to treat Dan Brown like he's a genuine threat to the One True Church Of Lady-Hating. Favorite quote:

The polls that show more Americans abandoning organized religion don’t suggest a dramatic uptick in atheism: They reveal the growth of do-it-yourself spirituality, with traditional religion’s dogmas and moral requirements shorn away. The same trend is at work within organized faiths as well, where both liberal and conservative believers often encounter a God who’s too busy validating their particular version of the American Dream to raise a peep about, say, how much money they’re making or how many times they’ve been married.

I fail to understand why it's good to believe in bullshit if someone else made it up, but bad to make some bullshit up yourself. If you're going to be full of shit, you might as well exercise your own powers of imagination while doing so.