When I spend days obsessing over Obama's choice of mustard, and declaring that the media should cover it to break their fawning coverage of the man, what I actually double super-secret meant is that liberals are big faggy cultists.

Here is his list of conclusions from this sordid episode:

* The nutroots move in crowds

* The nutroots mistake anonymity for bravery

* The nutroots consider distortion an art

* The nutroots preach tolerance to mask intolerance

* The nutroots are unhappy people who hate happy people

* The nutroots have no originality and hate original thoughts

* The nutroots need new enemies daily

* The nutroots do not know any of the above

* The mainstream media is no better

* Starting this blog was necessary, for all of the above reasons

* Continuing this blog is even more necessary, for all the above reasons

Here is my list of conclusions from this episode:

  • Conservatives say stupid shit
  • They then pretend they say other stupid shit that they didn't say in order to escape responsibility for the stupid shit they did say
  • If William Jacobson punched you in the face he would claim his fist was a victim
  • Really, Cornell? Really?