Michael Steele is set to declare today that the era of the GOP apologizing for its mistakes is over...and I suppose he'd be the person to do that, because he was the only Republican even making an attempt to apologize for anything, and most of his apologies were the same sort of apologies you get from someone who's truly sorry you're such an asshole.

Of course, the era of apology is over because it is, and not because anything's actually changed. Says Steele:

"Our comeback is well underway out in the states, I can assure you of that," he plans to say. "The folks inside the Beltway don't know it yet, but the people are beginning to rally, the comeback has begun. Those of you who live outside of Washington know what I'm talking about. Those of you who actually attend Lincoln Day dinners, county party events, and tea parties…those of you who toil in the vineyards, spending time in communities, in diners, barber shops, and coffee shops where real every day people can be found…you know it is real."

When I first read that, I thought the "vineyards" line might be about, say, Americans that work in actual vineyards or some sort of figurative reference to people who labor. Then I remembered that any time that Republicans say anything that sounds even remotely metaphorical, it's a shout-out to evangelicals. Glad to see the GOP is moving past thinly-veiled Biblical references as a substitute for actual messages towards the future to, you know...other stuff.