So, apparently, the point of obsessively focusing on Obama's mustard choice wasn't that he wanted dijon mustard. It's that he wanted dijon mustard and it wasn't the lead story on every news channel in existence, which is a totally different thing. Conservatives are totally accepting of his mustard choice, they're just not accepting of the fact that his mustard choice wasn't used to destroy and discredit every fiber of his being. It's like "hate the sin, love the sinner", except with more condiments and less sense.

Apparently, and this is funny, buying a seven dollar lunch is now also a hallmark of elitism*, because no working person in the entire United States of America spends more than the cost of a McDonald's value meal on lunch. As most McDonald's value meals run in the $5-6 range, the extra dollar that Obama spent was basically a slap in the face to every working Joe in the entire country.

You see, this becomes the problem when conservatives complain about the elite habits of Democrats - it requires them to assume that the rest of America does stupid, shitty, terrible things that few people actually do, or would actually do, because no real person thinks in these terms. Democrats are only elite as compared to made-up people; it's would be like calling Dick Cheney a callous monster not because he's the man who haunts the dreams of children, threatening to take them from their parents and shackle them in a Dickensian factory making widgets for gruel, but calling him such a thing because he's not a Care Bear.


*Other Real American Traditions: supposing you accidentally break the $6 price point for lunch, most real Americans will offset the cost of the meal the next day, spending less until they come back in line with the salt of the earth values that made this country great. Should they spend so much that they go over the limit for an entire day (for instance, sitting down at expensive French bistro Applebee's - and tipping), subsequent days are spent eating grass, dirt and various forms of cardboard until due penance is made.