I've got lots of things of great importance to blog about, but it's Friday night, I'm spent, and I'm sure you are, too. So instead of wailing and moaning, I thought I'd make note of the fact that one of the greatest pop music albums ever recorded turns 25 years old this month.

Alas, Prince, for all his musical genius, is a real dick about making his videos available online. And the cover versions are anemic. I'm not even really sure what to do, since playing some tunes to celebrate seems so out of the question.

But Prince is nonetheless a genius, and while I'm sure you could start a pretty rowdy debate over his greatest record, I think it's pretty hard to beat Purple Rain. Even the filler, like "Computer Blue", is genius stuff.

So, in lieu of putting up videos, I'll explain what I think the greatest flaw in the movie Purple Rain is. As a film, it's close to unique, since it swings between being OMFG horrible to absolutely transcendent during the concert scenes. So what's the greatest flaw, in a movie filled with them? The horrific acting? The nonexistent plot? The portrayal of domestic violence without sufficiently establishing how bad it really, really is? Apollina's costumes?

While all these things are terrible, they aren't the greatest flaw. The problem with the movie is its premise, which is that The Kid's band (which is Prince & The Revolution) is supposed the be the shitty band that can't hold a candle up to The Time. Now, I will not diss The Time. The Time are fucking awesome. They absolutely kick solid ass in the movie, too. But they didn't, unlike Prince & The Revolution, put out one of the greatest rock albums of all time that also happens to be the soundtrack for this movie. Every single performance of The Kid's band that's supposed to be falling apart at the seams is, realistically speaking, a badass performance of great songs by a band at the top of its game. So you never buy for a second that the fans only figure out how great they are when The Kid gets enough humility to play "Purple Rain".

But fuck it, The Time is both awesome and they put some of their stuff on YouTube. So, without further ado:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/szlejykEhQ4&hl=en&fs=1& expand=1]