I'm just saying, normally you run out before the kids are born, dude:

Sanford, who was wearing a blue and white button down shirt and brown denim pants, said he left for Buenos Aires on Thursday night from Columbia International Airport and had originally planned to come back tomorrow.

Media reports said a SLED SUV the governor drove that night was spotted in the airport's parking lot.

The governor said he cut his trip short after his chief of staff, Scott English, told him his trip was gaining a lot of media attention and he needed to come back.

Sure, you could lecture him on the oddity of running out on his job and family without notifying any of the dozens of people who depend on him. Sure, you could wonder about the mental wherewithal of a guy who jets off to a foreign country in the middle of the night because he had a hard week governing the 24th largest state in the country.

Instead, I just choose to subtly insinuate that he went to Argentina to take care of issues with his birth certificate before he announces his exploratory committee for the presidency, because it would be irresponsible not to.