This is just like our Negro Prince President, picking up shiny chains from foreign hip-hop moguls or whatever.

President Obama was awarded Saudi Arabia's highest honor yesterday -- an elaborate gold necklace and medallion fit for a king or a rap mogul.

Or, as Michelle Malkin's commenters put it, "Niiiiiiiiiigger!"

You see, it's little things like constantly reducing everything minorities do to negative, cartoonish stereotypes that convinces us that conservatism may not be the way to go.

What always gets me is just how uncontrollably, stupidly racist many conservatives get when pushed on race. And by "pushed", I mean presented with the fact that minorities exist. The thing about liberalism that appeals to me is the fact that you don't live life under the fear that rampaging hordes of brown/gay/non-Christian people will bang down your door and stick your crucifix in a vat of gorilla urine as your children are given to the Department of Education to sew red armbands for the People's Army. (We just live in fear that the actual crazy people with guns who advocate our murder will, you know, do what they say.)

I suppose, however, that assuming everything a black person does is because of their insane ghetto lust for gold, diamonds and radical Islam is a simpler way to go through life, to be sure.