Because fuckheads who don't know what they're talking about are beginning to blather about how they think they know better than actual doctors about the realities of late term abortion, I thought I'd put up a video that we made explaining the facts.

[vimeo expand=1]

RH Reality Check: Late Term Abortions from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

It's interesting that Republicans have used the occasion of a new Supreme Court nomination to denounce the quality of empathy. You know, the quality that genuinely decent and brave people like Dr. George Tiller had in spades, while moral cowards like Megan McArdle suffer a massive deficit.

Rewatching that, I feel particularly weird about the line I wrote about how using late term abortion as a political football is dangerous. In my head, I was thinking about the women who need to have safe abortion available for dangerous pregnancies. Now I realize that it's also dangerous in terms of riling people up so they commit hate crimes.