Thanks to M. LeBlanc for tweeting me about this. My article at RH Reality Check, which I wrote Sunday and went up today, is about how I think the mainstream media is out to kill health care reform, and they're eager to use abortion as a tool to do that. In it, as a throwaway comment, I wrote:

Why there’s strong motivation to kill health care reform is a topic for another day---my pet theory is that many pundits are angry with Democrats for making them cover complicated policy issues, when they’d rather be talking about what Sonia Sotomayor is wearing and whether or not Regina Benjamin is too fat.

And Adam Serwer posted about Richard Cohen's amazing column about his own laziness. Cohen sez:

In truth, I did not seek an exclusive interview with the president of the United States not only because I wanted to write something that would be noticed but also -- actually mainly -- because I feared that if I did get an exclusive interview I would be expected to ask him something about health-care reform, about which I know next to nothing.....

As far as I could figure out, the president turned over health-care reform to about 24 committees of the House and about eight committees of the Senate, and they have all come up with plans that simultaneously sell out to the private sector and yet somehow socialize medicine . . . as we know it. They are also partisan, nonpartisan, bipartisan (don't ask, don't tell) and in the out years -- and at the end of the day -- mind-numbingly boring. I am thinking outside the box here.

Emphasis mine. And to think that I was worried that this accusation of mine would be a little over the top.