This might be the single most re-tweeted thing I've ever put on Twitter: A new study says that anti-feminists hate men more than feminists could ever dream of. The tweeps said, "Well, fucking DUH." That's why online feminists have coined the term the Patriarchy Hurts Men Too (PHMT). Rigid gender roles tend to hurt women more than men, because of the whole financial and reproductive oppression part, but think of all the vicious stereotypes about men that anti-feminists promote. That they're naturally violent, incompetent at housework, indifferent to love/only interested in sex, inept parents, emotionally retarded. Most of all, there's the Real Man issue, where your status can be questioned/yanked if you are interested in: art, literature, emotions, sex/relationships with other men, women's opinions, social justice, dancing, movies without explosions, woman-created books/movies/music, wine, looking good, world peace, arugula---the list could go on and on. Feminists want to free men from the dreary oppression of constantly policing your own manhood, and for this, we get called man-haters. Too bad this research that quantifies man-hating and shows that it's largely an anti-feminist past time won't cause anti-feminists to budge or rethink their horrible man-hatred.

In honor of this study, the song that I've built my Genius list is by post-punk feminist band the Au Pairs.

Original song: "It's Obvious" by the Au Pairs

1) "At Home He's A Tourist"---Gang of Four

2) "Now That You've Gone"---Delta 5

3) "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"---The Slits

4) "New Town Disaster"---The Dead 60s

5) "Hit The North Part 1"---The Fall

6) "Mannequin"---Wire

7) "Wardance"---Killing Joke

8) "White Mice"--Mo-detttes

9) "Credit In The Straight World"---Young Marble Giants

10) "Don't Dictate"---Penetration

Huh, I saw two of those 10 bands at All Tomorrow's Parties when we went to England---Killing Joke and Young Marble Giants. I liked the latter a lot more than the former live, but they put on kind of a sleepy show.

Videos below the fold, and I'll try to remember to upload some cat pictures next week.

I will say I sort of hoped she kicked the guy throwing water on her in the face.

Maybe I'll put up some videos with male frontmen next week, though as you can imagine, it's hard finding anything in rock music with dudes in it.