Last weekend was my dude's mmmmphnoneofurbizmmph birthday, and I went without mentioning it because I was busy waxing poetic over the Phenomenal Hand Clap Band's latest, which was one of his presents. But we went tubing for his birthday, and he had the mind to buy a cheap iPod player so that I could play a bunch of mixes made for the occasion while we floated along, drinking beer.

In honor of that, one of the songs that I played that made all floating Texans happy.

Original song: "Genius of Love" by the Tom Tom Club

1) "Mirror In The Bathroom"---The English Beat

2) "Bizarre Love Triangle"---New Order

3) "Close To Me"---The Cure

4) "Cannonball"---The Breeders

5) "Seether"---Veruca Salt

6) "And She Was"---The Talking Heads

7) "Private Idaho"---B-52s

8) "I Want To Be Adored"---The Stone Roses

9) "Groove Is In The Heart"---Deee-Lite

10) "Waiting On A Friend"---The Rolling Stones

So part of the fun will be playing videos by musicians actually mentioned in the song. Below the fold.


Kurtis Blow:

And because I don't care what people think, this song is awesome, and when it shows up on a mix, I'm all happy: