I'm sure y'all have heard that Rick Sanchez speculated that another pregnancy is why Sarah Palin is resigning, since she's the fertility goddess of the wackadoodle right. hortense at Jezebel is offended because it's in bad taste to speculate about whether a woman's pregnant, which is the source of up to 50% of the copy of any tabloid in a given week. And it's in bad taste, but then again, who doesn't suspect that Palin has at least considered having another baby so she has a baby-prop to appeal to the base after Trig gets a little too old to carry everywhere?

No, I found the suggestion ridiculous because it's ridiculous to think that someone would leave office in what appears to be a scandal-induced resignation because she's pregnant. What is this? The 19th century? We don't seclude pregnant women from the public eye, lest they shame themselves by demonstrating with their pregnant bellies that they have sex. Having sex with and even conceiving with your husband isn't, last I checked, a sex scandal, even with Republicans.

Sanchez's speculation reminds me of when I had mono for the second time, in junior high. My mom asked the principal if she could do what we did last time, which was let me out of school to recover, and send me my schoolwork so I could do it at home and not fall behind in my classes. The principal denied her request, and actually said, "We only do that if a girl is pregnant and her parents are ashamed to let her be seen in public." At which point my mom said, "But being pregnant isn't being sick!" Nor can you catch it from sitting next to someone in class, unlike some of your finer communicable diseases. Someone needs to send Sanchez the memo.