A look at the latest in International Soccer:



  • I'm prepared to hand Barcelona the Spanish League title, Kaka and Ronaldo be damned.
  • Saw a commercial with Leo Messi speaking in English and cracked up when he called himself "Little Messi." You go, Messito.
  • With Ronaldo, Kaka and others drawing attention from defenders and the media, look for Karim Benzema to have a big year.
  • We won't be seeing Ronaldinho beating defenders off the dribble the way he used to, but he looked in strong form against Siena. Perhaps Pato's youth is rubbing off on him.
  • Did Ribery make a mistake staying with Bayern Munich? Quite possibly.
  • I'd say the Russian Premier League ranks at the top of my "Leagues I wish I got to see more of" rankings. And you?


  • Avai thumped traditional team Flamengo, 3-0, and are now in the Top-5 in Campeonato Brasileiro. I actually live in Brazil, and don't have the foggiest idea where Avai is. I can tell you they have nothing to do with Acai, the fad fruit down here.
  • Palmeiras remains on top of the standings, but were hard to watch wearing blue and white (to honor their Italian heritage) and not their traditional green.
  • Adriano remains at the top of the goal-scorers list with 10, thus far. Don't read too much into that, though. Just a couple years back, the 40ish Romario led the league in goals.
  • If everyone is indeed looking for defensive midfielders, they could do much worse that Cruzeiro's steady Marquinhos Paraná. He may be 32, but could definitely fill a back up DM role for many a European club.

21st Century Soccer Quotes

"You ever see soccer players line up to defend a free kick? They aren't covering up their noses, that's for sure." - Bender Bending Rodriguez.