Over the past year or so, Brazil has been up and down, but have won enough when it has mattered to keep under-fire coach Dunga in place.

Despite the calls for Dunga's head in Brazil for running too defensive a game plan, Brazil starts the game with serious firepower with Kaka, Luis Fabiano and Robinho up front. Estonia fields 11 guys from Estonia.

First-half notes

  • Did you know that Brazil's national anthem actually has the words "that'll be just 15 more minutes" in it? If it doesn't, it really should.
  • Estonia's playing for pride. The pride of forcing people to remember they are, in fact, a country.
  • Central midfield remains a bit of a weakness for Brazil. I've never been totally sold on Gilberto Silva or Josue. But Felipe Mello has something to his game.
  • At 3-minute mark, Robinho gets in jawing match with Estonia keeper.
  • Luisao once walked by me at the Cruzeiro training camp while I was interviewing Vanderlei Luxemburgo. This is a true story.
  • Unless someone tells me differently, I will consider an Estonia victory in this friendly to be the greatest-ever achievement in Estonia history.
  • 10 minutes in and Estonia just got off its best shot of the game. Thus far, Brazil is being stymied in midfield.
  • Lucio remains a vital defender for Brazil and deserving captain.
  • Fabiano and Robinho work together for Brazil's best offensive chance in 16 minutes. A corner and nothing else comes of it.
  • Is Landon Donovan Estonian? Because Estonia looks to have about five Donovan doppelgangers mucking things up
  • Brazil thus far is mailing it in.
  • The aforementioned Luisao heads a free kick just outside the goal.
  • This just in - blogger William K. Wolfrum decides there's no way in hell he'll be live-blogging the second half of this slog.
  • That said, Brazil is showing signs of offensive life.
  • Kaka has thus far played 32 ineffective minutes.
  • Robinho, as well
  • Estonians appear to be a handsome people. here's some extra credit work - find out where Estonia ranks in health care. Report back.
  • Brazil midfielder Kleberson drops of Ennui at the 35 minute mark. He's replaced by Man City's nifty Elano.
  • Brazil's getting very little of value accomplished offensively.
  • Remember Adriano? He's not on the Brazil side, but he's currently playing for Flamengo. He's scoring goals but still not the same player.
  • Seriously, this game is providing nothing to write about.
  • Goal! Fabiano gets control of a loose ball in fromt of the Estonia net and calmly puts it past the Estonia keeper. Robinho & Kaka help set it up. 1-0 Brazil.
  • Estonbia end the half with a dangerous free kick from outside the box. It goes wide, Lucio gets a yellow card and we go to intermission. Thanks for following, and see ya next time, when the game, perhaps has a little more meaning. Boa tarde, gente!