Why is Twitter so valuable? Because it allows you to see utter stupidity unfold in real time.

Josh Trevino, who you may remember as The Scold Formerly Known As Tacitus, found out that a progressive group was hiring via Craigslist. More accurately, he found that:

Obamacare campaign solicits paid thugs via Craigslist. This is just for Sacramento, CA! Note dates: http://bit.ly/2TAXeM

Do you get it? Do you see? You don't? Well, neither do I. But this is apparently big. Huge. HUGER THAN GODDAMN HUGE. It's at least "big", and some dude from Redstate is totally all over this. Patrick Ruffini is cleverly using it to attack Democrats who attack the GOP mob, with most of what I just said putting me to sleep because Jesus.

Now, I've never been a big fan of the "these mobs are paid" or the "these mobs are fake" arguments. I really haven't. I think the intersection of mouth-breathing Palin voters who watch Glenn Beck and think he's got a pipeline directly to conspiracy Jesus is large enough, crazy enough, stupid enough and energized enough to go out and act like total assholes all on their own. My problem is that these people are going out and basically shutting down public forums through insane screaming, and they lack even the faintest semblance of an actual argument or point. They're worried that American society is going to turn into a modern-day version of The Lottery, only with more abortions, homosexuality and immigrants. This may be because of a belief based on years of immersing themselves in ahistorical batshittery, or it may be because it's the last piece of literature they remember reading.

Or both.