Michael Moore appeared on CNN Thursday evening with Wolf Blitzer to discuss his new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story. This is Moore's first interview with Blitzer since his film Sicko was released, and as Moore puts it, they had a 'YouTube moment.' Moore slammed Blitzer and CNN for mistatements about universal health care and his film Sicko during that interview in 2007 when Blitzer attempted to debunk facts presented in the film with 'facts' from CNN's medical expert, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Moore debunked Gupta's facts in detail on his own web site, and later went head to head with the doctor on the Larry King Show.

Well, they had another YouTube moment last night.

Blitzer begins by pointing out that there are people who don't like Michael Moore.

"Let’s talk about...most people who are going to see this movie who don’t like you are going to say, 'you know what, Michael Moore has done pretty well in this free-market, capitalist system—you’ve become a fairly rich guy yourself.' " states Blitzer.

After Moore asks for the names of people who don't like them, so he can 'invite them to dinner,' he continues with "Why am I against capitalism if I’ve done so well? Shouldn’t the question be better put—I’m not trying to do your job for you—but wouldn’t the question better be, 'gee Mike, you’ve done so well, why don’t you just kick back at the lake and enjoy your life. Why do you care about people losing their healthcare and their jobs and all that...you’re not losing yours...I wonder if there was a Wolf Blitzer 200 years ago who asked Thomas Jefferson or John Adams or George Washington, ‘hey, you know, you guys are wealthy land owners...'"

Perhaps Blitzer was hoping for another 'YouTube moment' with Michael Moore? Well, here it is, in two parts from the interview originally aired on Thurs., September 24, 2009:

Part One:

Part Two: