ROTFLOL. Well, Harry, you laid down in bed with these people and are just now realizing they also wear the sheets? (Right Wing Watch):

Bishop Harry Jackson, the Religious Right’s favorite African American preacher, asked the mostly white participants at the Values Voter Summit to tone down their anti-Obama rhetoric. He knew they weren’t racists, he explained, but the fact that some people were sounding like racists made it even harder on him as a conservative trying to get other black clergy to join his anti-gay organizing in D.C.

While asking summit participants to be less offensive, Jackson’s Saturday afternoon speech may have actually reached some new personal lows of offensive rhetoric.

Come on Harry - you wrote a flipping book, Personal Faith, Public Policy: 7 Urgent Issues That We, As People of Faith, Need to Come Together and Solve, with the FRC's Tony Perkins (who's running the VV Summit). Tony paid former KKK Wizard, cosmetic-surgery-enhanced, self-proclaimed head of the "European American" movement, David Duke, $82K for his mailing list.

Of course this is the height of hypocrisy on another front, because we all know that Jackson has been trying to scare black voters with race-baiting tactics, charging that white wealthy gays are trying to take away their right to vote against same-sex marriage in D.C. Of course this meme assumes black LGBTs don't exist in the District:

Jackson utterly ignored the existence of African American LGBT people and their leadership in the pro-equality movement in the District of Columbia. He portrayed the battle over marriage equality in DC as a battle pitting rich gay lawyers against black clergy and poor single mothers. Jackson’s litany was a perfect example of the race- and class-baiting he is using to rouse opposition to marriage equality in the District. “Many of our gay people,” he said, are professionals, disproportionately educated, make a lot of money, are living in DC’s fancy new condos. Jackson said a “K Street lawyer who decides to come out and call himself gay” cannot understand the plight of a single mother in Washington, DC raising two kids without a father. This seems to be from his new gays-vs-blacks talking points. Hey, Rev. Jackson, what about all the LGBT people in DC who aren’t rich lawyers, who are people of color, who are raising kids without the legal protections of marriage? Maybe he hasn’t spent enough time in his new hometown to meet any of them yet.

I think we've got the good reverend by the short ones because what he's saying is that he can't successfully do his homobigoted Jiu-Jitsu on the black folks in the district to fight marriage equality if the right's teabaggers, birthers and crazies keep spewing anti-Obama racist tripe. I can't wait for the video of his BS to surface from the VV Summit.

Apparently he also calls for God to strike down the wicked, which also surely includes LGBTs, women who engage in reproductive freedom, etc. -- they are faux Christians and God's going to punish them. Why do I not think adulterers and hypocrites in the pulpit get a pass into heaven in Jackson's world.