Josh at Right Wing Watch emails me some of the most over-the-top stuff and this is no exception. With the hanging of that census worker Bill Sparkman in Kentucky with "FED" on his chest, it's not hard to compile TEH CRAZY. Take a look at the legitimacy that Faux News gives the deranged Michele Bachmann as she whips up hysteria and paranoia over the 2010 Census.

[youtube expand=1]

Over at Jesus' General, one of his commenters is a census worker who works in the deep woods of western North Carolina mountain country. This person gives a first-hand account about the sentiment out there.

The overwhelming anger is directed straight at the President. No question. Fear and racism at the core that has manifested into anti-government radicalism. We're threatened and intimidated almost daily, just for trying to earn a days pay and uphold the Constitution. I've been called an "employee of president nigger" and team members have been bitten by dogs and threatened with shotguns.