In an appearance Friday at Texas A.& M., former President George H.W. Bush got himself into a little verbal trouble while attempting to put in a plug for a community service program.

Bush meant to say, "Some of you may have gotten my mass email about today's event -- and if you did, please don't turn me in as an inveterate spammer."

Bush's weak joke about spamming, however, came out far more humorously than he must have intended.

"Some of you may have gotten my ass email," Bush began. He then laughed and corrected himself, drawing a finger across his lips and insisting, "Freudian slip only."

You can view Bush's slip here.

This is far from Bush's first verbal gaffe. The most notorious may have been in 1988, when then-Vice President Bush said of his relationship with Ronald Reagan, "I'm proud to have been his partner. We've had triumphs. We've made some mistakes. We've had some sex -- setbacks."