'So much for change,' 'Hitler' says in video

After calls from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the president of the National Jewish Democratic Council for the removal of a post on the account of the National Republican Congressional Committee on the social networking site Twitter linking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hitler, the Republicans' campaign committee has pulled the ad.

And apologized: Sort of.

Politico reported today on Randall's statement, "We saw the video this morning and thought, like other parodies, that it was funny," Randall just told me. "In 20-20 hindsight, we realized it was in poor taste and pulled it down... I don't want anyone to think we're comparing Democrats to Nazis and to Hitler."

In the video clip, phony subtitles attached to a scene from the 2004 Hitler biopic Der Untergang (The Downfall) have Hitler praising Pelosi and voicing disappointment with President Barack Obama's revisions for his health care reform plan.

The movie recounts the last days of Hitler's life in his Berlin bunker. The scene in question has been posted online countless times using a variety of topics as the subject matter, and depicts Hitler, pointing to a map, surrounded by his generals who are afraid to tell him the truth regarding his situation. In the film, it's in this scene that Hitler realizes he has lost the war.

In the RNCC video, Hitler becomes angry and screams "What the hell are the Democrats doing?"

"At least I have Pelosi on my side. What's wrong with them?... I socialized medicine overnight and everything's going great... Like Pelosi, I don't give a shit about the American people."

David Harris of the Jewish Democrats' group told Haaretz that the GOP has gone too far with the use of Nazi symbolism, and says "It has to stop."

'"We've tracked at least 40 examples of use of the Holocaust analogies and this deeply offensive portrayal of the Democratic Party leadership as Nazis by some prominent Republican figures. This rhetoric reached unprecedented level of bad taste, like the recent 'tweet' that shows Speaker Pelosi and Hitler as buddies," Harris added."

The following YouTube video titled "Funny Video: Moonbattery: Hitler Reacts to ObamaCare Maneuvers" was posted on Twitter by the NRCC.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/QmYyNeCalmk&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0 expand=1]