A New Orleans security guard at a CVS pharmacy shot and fatally killed a suspect who allegedly drank from a bottle of water without paying for it and then began to beat the guard after being told he was going to jail.

The guard, 62, was unidentified in a New Orleans newspaper report. He was said to have suffered broken teeth and facial injuries.

The suspect, thought to be in his 30s, was killed after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting occurred shortly before 8 pm Eastern time on Wednesday.

A New York tourist told a reporter that workers had discussed a patron drinking bottled water without paying, then subsequently heard the guard tell the man he was "going to jail," at which point the patron began to beat the guard.

He was quoted as saying he heard the guard plead to his attacker, "Please stop, or I'm going to have to shoot."

A second person was listed with other injuries, according to a hospital spokesman.

Police said the victim was trying to steal multiple items from the pharmacy, and that the guard's response was justified.

“The suspect then began to punch the security guard, fight with the security guard. The security guard’s teeth have been knocked out,” Police Chief Warren Reilly said. “It appears to be a justifiable incident by a 62-year-old security officer who was trying to defend himself.”

A possible second murder also occurred a few hours later at an abandoned New Orleans carwash, where a woman was found dead after another shooting late Wednesday.