Obama coup

If your idea of fun is trying to save America from the ills of President Obama and "pro-Obama forces," then there's a new computer game for you.

The multi-player online game "2011: Obama's Coup Fails," is set in a time where Obama is trying to toss out the Constitution, ban guns and merge the U.S. with Canada and Mexico into a "North American Union." (See image right; click to view larger version.)

The game creators, which include 40-year-old Brooklyn resident Michael Russotto, tell Mother Jones magazine they're not trying to capitalize on "anti-Obama paranoia," but rather get "the most publicity."

In this virtual world, the magazine notes that players can also add to their fun by making up news headlines about events like Michelle Malkin writing the Second Declaration of Independence or Hillary Clinton using children to shield herself from attacks.

Russotto told the magazine, "There's a lot going on with Fox, the White House, and we wanted to capitalize on that."

In the game's premise, the GOP is about to regain control of both houses of Congress, but Obama decides he will not swear in the new members of Congress, he'd rather have a North American Union instead and ban firearms. And the revolutionaries(or online players) are fed up and attempting to regain control---even though a few counties are now in the hands of groups like the "Cong" aka former Democratic Congressional leaders and the Federal Reserve.

Fox News has been shut down, Glenn Beck has been found dead of a suspicious aspirin overdose and the contestants are challenged to join the patriots, capture Obama and defeat his troops and the 'Cong,'  in this imaginary online world.

The creators' website www.usofearth.com describes the virtual revolution as "an action packed, satire-filled war game that takes place in the not-so-distant future, " i.e. just after November 2010 elections. The game creators, which Mother Jones reporter David Corn refers to as "Ron Paul-loving libertarians," say they're less-interested in partisan views than getting attention and they're working up a new game that will appeal to the left called "Ambush Bush."

However, promotional information on the website reads "It does seem our biggest enemies are not from outside our borders. ..Reality is far more scary and ominous than fiction. Obama is putting real Marxists into power all over America and you can listen to these people in their own words. Be Afraid America. Freedom hangs in the balance."

A blog that appears on the site features updates on today's news, including a Thursday post entitled "When is a Nazi comparison not Out of Bounds?" It explains "White House interim communications director Anita Dunn is desperately trying to avoid the fate of her historical doppelganger sister in arms, Leni Riefenstahl," a Nazi propagandist.

Russotto says thousands of people have signed up to play the game already.