When Michael Moore appeared with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday, he repeatedly confounded the conservative interviewer by invoking a religious basis for his positions while laughing openly at Hannity's fear of al Qaeda.

Hannity began by charging Moore with being "an unapologetic socialist," to which Moore replied, "Christian. ... I believe in what Jesus said. ... Jesus is very clear about the rich man is going to have a very hard time getting into Heaven."

"I'm a Christian," Hannity insisted. "I'm very generous."

"Did you go to mass this past Sunday?" Moore asked. "What was the sermon about?"

"I don't remember," Hannity confessed, as Moore chortled, "You didn't go!"

Hannity, however, did his best to shrug this off. "Well, you're rich," he jabbed. "The capitalist system allowed you to get here. ... Do you think Fidel Castro would allow you to produce a movie and make millions of dollars trashing his system? ... You'd be killed."

"You're still following that line?" Moore asked incredulously. "What about the murder that's been done in our name in the last decade? ... That's the real issue, isn't is? What's been done in our name, in our Christian name, to Iraq, in Afghanistan, these other places?"

"They were at war with us!" Hannity insisted, pointing to "the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center."

"The terrorists are criminal thugs," Moore replied firmly. "They're not warriors. ... You're making them out to be such a big thing, like they're equal to us. Are you kidding me? Only a wuss would be afraid of that?"

"If they ever get the bomb..." Hannity began, but Moore just laughed at him.

"Why do we invade another country that did nothing to us, that wasn't a threat?" Moore charged, speaking of the invasion of Iraq. "This is all going to come out. ... I hope there'll be trials within the Obama administration. I hope the Justice Department will go down that road."

Moore then returned to the subject of al Qaeda, asking Hannity, "How many of them are there, by the way? ... We're the United States of America, man! Come on! You're afraid of a few hundred guys on monkey bars?"

"Millions," Hannity insisted. "Millions that buy into Islamic fanaticism."

"All religions have their fanatics," Moore replied.

"Are you one?" Hannity asked.

"Yes," Moore laughed. "I believe that when Jesus said that you're to love your neighbor as yourself... you're to love your enemy. Do you love your enemy? ... You love al Qaeda, then?"

"I love them in the sense that I want to destroy them," Hannity replied.

"I don't think that's the love Jesus was talking about," Moore concluded.

This video is from Fox News' Hannity, broadcast Oct. 6, 2009.

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