Fox News anchor and radio personality Glenn Beck has attacked a prominent Jewish group that fights anti-Semitism as being to some degree "responsible" for the "plight of the Jewish people."

On his syndicated radio show Wednesday, Beck also said he believes NOW -- the National Organization for Women -- bears some responsibility for "the plight of women."

The Anti-Defamation League "has as much to do with the plight of the Jewish people as the National Organization for Women has to do with the plight of women," Beck said.

Beck was responding to a Los Angeles Times opinion piece on an ADL report about growing political extremism in the US in the wake of the election of President Barack Obama.

That report, entitled "Rage Grows in America," singles out Beck as "the most important mainstream media figure who has repeatedly helped to stoke the fires of anti-government anger."

On his radio show Wednesday, Beck implied that the ADL should be applauding his opinions.

"Name the person that has been more friendly to Israel ... Name the person who has spoken out more against the Holocaust deniers who are running Iran," Beck said. "Name the person in the mainstream media that speaks as passionately as I do ... because I see the Jewish people as people, and the leaders of Iran as monsters that want to finish the job that Hitler started. You name the person, Anti-Defamation League."

The following audio was broadcast on The Glenn Beck Program Nov. 25, 2009, and uploaded to the Web by MediaMatters.